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Commercial Concrete Polishing

Commercial Polished Concrete

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Concrete polishing can guarantee that your concrete will last for many years to come while also giving you an attractive flooring solution! Polished Concrete Atlanta is the leading polished concrete professional in the Atlanta area, and we are licensed, bonded, and insured. We take pride in our customer service, and our high quality polished concrete floors. Our experienced team is committed to giving you a safe and beautiful flooring that will make your employees happy and impress your clients. In your business, your floors are one of your most important assets to attract customers and clients. There are many benefits to polished concrete, including how environmentally friendly it is, its beauty, the cost-effectiveness of this flooring, and how easily maintained it is. Polished concrete can be colored to give a unique look that creates a beautiful and more durable flooring than traditional tile floors.

Common Places You'll Find Polished Concrete Floors

polished concrete floors

You’ll find polished concrete many commercial locations because it is such a trending and durable flooring solution. When compared to traditional tile flooring, polished concrete comes out on top with its many benefits. Many businesses and institutions use polished concrete due to its many custom options and safety precautions that this type of flooring offers. There are many different locations that this flooring can be used to give a unique look and reap maximum benefits.

Polished concrete has many different benefits for businesses! Below are some of the most common places that this beautiful flooring can be found!

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Hospitals are one of the top facilities that utilize polished concrete flooring. Hospitals require floors that are easy to clean and can promote a clean and hygienic environment. Polished concrete floors don’t harbor dirt and bacteria, making perfect flooring for a sterile environment like a hospital.

Kitchens and Restaurants

When you eat, you want to be sure that your food is prepared in a safe and sanitary environment, and polished concrete is perfect for delivering those benefits. This flooring adds a slip-resistant surface to make the kitchen safer while creating a space that won’t produce dirt and bacteria.

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Hotels and Retailers

While polished concrete offers a durable and slip-resistant floor, these floors are trendy for retailers and hospitality businesses such as hotels for their elegance. These floors can be done in different colors and patterns, making your business stand out to customers and clients alike.

Polished Concrete Atlanta is here for you and ready to install your polished concrete floors at a budget-friendly price!

There are many benefits to polished concrete floors, making them perfect for commercial use! Below are some of the greatest advantages that polished concrete floors have to offer!


When you choose to install polished concrete flooring, you’re saving on the initial cost of the flooring and the costs down the line. With other traditional floorings, you have to have them replaced through the years, but polished concrete will last 20 years or more! Other flooring options require regular cleaning with specialty cleaners and regular treatments to keep those floors clean and lasting. Polished concrete doesn’t require anything but a simple sweep to keep it clean and up to par.

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Environmentally Friendly

Polished concrete is a very environmentally friendly flooring solution, whether it’s new or old. Most polished concrete is started from a pre-existing slab without the use of other materials. If the slab is new, concrete is poured by exact measurements to never be more than what’s necessary. Concrete itself is an environmentally friendly material made from abundant renewable resources. The high point of this flooring is there will be no waste!


Polished concrete offers durability in commercial spaces. Professionally polished floors are impact-resistant that can handle dropped items or the heavyweight of machinery without a negative effect on the floor. Heavy foot traffic would normally dull a traditional flooring but is never a problem with polished concrete. It is important to have these floors professionally installed as it directly affects how durable the flooring will be.

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Professionally polished concrete enhances the lighting in any setting due to its reflectiveness. Office buildings and restaurants require well-lit areas not only for customers but for their employees as well. The reflective surface polished concrete creates a brighter and more inviting area to save money on energy bills. Polished concrete comes in different sheen levels but most often creates a glass-like finish that appears clean and bright!

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The appearance of polished concrete floors can make the floor seem slippery while it’s quite the opposite. Polished concrete is actually one of the most slip-resistant surfaces you can have. Having a safe flooring option for your clients and your employees is an essential part of choosing a flooring option. This flooring slip-resistant, but it is highly reflective so you can see the flooring well, which is also a hand in keeping you safe.

Polished Concrete Atlanta

Traditional Tile Floors VS. Polished Concrete Floors

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Traditional Tile

  • The average ceramic tile is $11-$22 per square foot and can go even higher depending on the material.
  • The durability of your flooring is dependant on the type of tile you choose.
  • Tile can shift or crack under heavy weight leading to the constant replacement of tiles.
  • Tile requires continuous cleaning, polishing, and sealing to keep it looking its best.
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Polished Concrete

  • Polished concrete is a durable material that is easily maintained.
  • Polished concrete can withstand the weight of heavy machinery and foot traffic without losing its shine.
  • Polished concrete ranges from $2-$15 per square feet.
  • Polished concrete is easily maintained and will last for 20 or more years.
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Professionally Polished Concrete

Professionally installed polished concrete is a reliable and durable flooring that will last for 20 years or more. This flooring is superior to traditional tile flooring not only because of its durability but its cost efficiency as well. It is crucial to have your polished concrete installed by a professional to guarantee its strength and longevity!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the maintenance of polished concrete floors look like?

Polished concrete is one of the most popular flooring solutions, not just because of its great looks but also the ease of maintenance. Unlike other flooring systems, polished concrete doesn’t need constant repairs and treatments, just a little maintenance. A soft mop or broom is excellent for removing dust, dirt, and debris and are encouraged for use daily. If dust or dirt accumulates on the floor too long, it can dull its shine. A mop can be used as long as its a soft mop because a scrub mop can damage the surface over time. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect your flooring to last for decades to come!

Can all concrete be polished?

As long as your concrete is structurally sound, it is the right candidate for polishing. If you are planning to polish new concrete, be sure that it is completely cured. It takes concrete 28 days to properly cure to guarantee that your concrete is structurally sound enough to have polishing done. The most critical part of polished concrete is the surface preparation, so as long as you have structurally sound concrete and the proper prep work, you can have beautifully polished concrete floors.

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