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Industrial Concrete Polishing

Industrial Concrete Polishing

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Industrial areas are perfect candidates for polished concrete floors. Places like manufacturing plants and pharmaceutical facilities need a strong, dependable floor that increases safety, and polished concrete can deliver. Polished concrete is an extremely reflective surface that brightens the area without the use of excessive lighting, making energy costs lower, and safety higher. This flooring has grown popular among industrial settings for many reasons and is an attractive alternative to epoxy flooring. The concrete polishing process takes older concrete floors and grinds them down and turns them into a non-porous, high-gloss floor. These floors are easily maintained and, due to the non-porous nature, are not susceptible to stains. There are many different ways to customize these floors, as well. You can take a dull concrete floor and turn it into a colored or patterned high-gloss floor that will never need wax and will make an amazing showpiece for your facility.

Common Industrial Places Polished Concrete Is Found

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There are many different industrial areas that polished concrete can be installed that would be beneficial. Polished concrete is easily cleaned and maintained, making it perfect for industrial buildings that want to focus more on production than a cleaning schedule. These floors are strong and durable, making them built to last for years to come, which is a great investment for industrial companies.

Below you can see some of the most common industrial areas that polished concrete is installed:

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Warehouses/Distribution Centers

These buildings range from 50,000 to hundreds of thousands of square feet in a single-story structure. These buildings often times have numerous loading docks and forklifts driving back and forth all day requiring durable flooring. Polished concrete is strong enough to handle the traffic of warehouses without falter.

Manufacturing Buildings

These facilities are used to house large, specialized equipment meant to produce different goods or materials. Polished concrete floors are great for these facilities because of the strength they offer against heavy machinery and the low maintenance that comes with them.

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Processing Plants

Processing facilities can include industries such as shipping facilities constantly filtering mail and different packages in, around, and out of the building. These types of facilities need strong floors that are easy to clean so that excess time won’t be taken away from the job at hand.

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Many benefits come with polished concrete floors! These beautiful floors are durable and easily maintained and offer so many other wonderful benefits!

Aesthetically Pleasing

Polished concrete can be polished so finely that it will reflect similarly to glass. Many industrial areas choose to keep their polished concrete the traditional grey, but many different colors can be added to make your facility unique. The combination of shine and color makes the floors stunning! The beauty of this flooring makes a good impression on clients, but it can boost worker morale by offering a clean and beautiful workspace. Whether you opt for color or keep with the natural grey, theses floors will make a stunning addition to any industrial facility.

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Beyond polished concrete’s beauty, you’ll find it is incredibly durable. The process of polishing concrete makes the concrete incredibly dense, enhancing its durability. The process of polishing concrete actually doubles the concrete’s harness, making it stand above other flooring options. Polished concrete reaches a level 7 on the Mohs scale, making it incredibly hard to scratch or damage, even in areas where heavy equipment is used.


Polished concrete is a cost-efficient material to install and is also inexpensive to maintain. There is no need to install new materials as you use the existing concrete slab to bring new life to your floors. There are many savings in the maintenance of these floors because there are no special cleaners you have to worry about buying and the shine stays intake without the use of wax. These smooth floors stay clean and dust-free with a simple dust mop or broom.

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Although the shine off of these floors makes it appear slippery, they are actually slip-resistant. Polished concrete floors offer higher slip-resistance than that of unpolished concrete. Even if there is a water spill on the floor, polished concrete will protect against falls. The reflectiveness of these floors also makes for a safer environment. There’s no worry of not seeing potential hazards because the brightness polished concrete has to offer.

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With traditional concrete floors, you may notice there is a small film of dust that seems to constantly be present. As regular concrete ages, it sheds dust over time. With polished concrete floors, a smooth and dust-free surface is created, making the industrial building easier to clean. Dirt can be swept away with a dust mop, or broom and dust will be a thing of the past, preventing product contamination and producing better air quality.

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Epoxy Flooring

  • Epoxy flooring is a durable flooring that is impact resistant as well as stain resistant
  • Epoxy floors come in a variety of colors and patterns to give your space a unique look
  • Epoxy flooring offers a seamless design making the flooring easily cleaned
  • Epoxy flooring is a cost-efficient flooring when compared to other flooring options
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Polished Concrete

  • Polished concrete is a cost-efficient flooring using the flooring that already exists
  • Polished concrete is easily maintained with a dust mop for cleaning its smooth surface
  • Polished concrete can come in a variety of colors and patterns making it customizable
  • Polished concrete is environmentally friendly and made from renewable resources
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Which flooring is best: Epoxy Vs. Polished Concrete

Both epoxy floor coatings and polished concrete have their own qualities that make them better in different aspects, depending on the need. For a sturdier, scratch-resistant surface, polished concrete will be far better than epoxy, which can scratch. In instances where you need your floors to be chemical resistant, epoxy floors will always come out on top. A great benefit to both of these floors is the easy maintenance and the reduction of allergens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can All Concrete Be Polished?

Almost all types of concrete floors can undergo concrete polishing. Regardless of age or condition, most concrete surfaces are good enough to have polishing done, but there are exceptions. If your flooring is new and installed before 28 days, it won’t be the right candidate because the concrete hasn’t undergone the entire curing process. If your flooring is wavy, especially porous, or requires extensive patches, it won’t be the right candidate for polishing because it is considered in poor condition. Most often, all concrete is a good candidate, but if problems arise, you can discuss your options with a contractor.

Can Polished Concrete Be Installed Over Tiles?

Polished concrete overlays can safely go over tiled floors to create the desired look. The process uses applications and tools that will vary depending on the desired look, the system, and the installation extent. Similar to the process of traditional polished concrete, tile floors will also have to undergo specific floor preparations before the application. This process includes extensive cleaning, removing any current coatings, and roughening the surface to ensure a solid bond.

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