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Polished Concrete Atlanta

Residential Concrete Polishing

polished concrete floors

Polished concrete is quickly becoming the trendiest flooring among homeowners because of its wax-free shine. These smooth, high-luster floors are becoming so popular because of their superior durability and high-performance. The polished concrete process has multiple steps, including grinding by a heavy machine to a certain point of shine and smoothness. Polished concrete doesn’t have to be boring. Many different scoring designs and colors can be added to these floors, making them not just beautiful but customizable. Polished Concrete Atlanta is a leader in installing polished concrete, whether it be old or new. Here you will find all the information you will need about concrete polishing. Anywhere from expected costs of installation, where it can be installed, the benefits, and the installation itself can be found here to make the right choice with this beautiful flooring option.

Popular Places Polished Concrete is Installed

polished concrete floor

Polished concrete is a desirable flooring option that is trending among homeowners! There are many places around your home; you can choose to install polished concrete to give a look of elegance. Polished concrete is durable and easily cleaned, making it great for any room in your home and gives off a wax-free shine that natural light reflects from amazingly.

Below Are The Most Popular Places Homeowners Install Polished Concrete.

residential polished concrete floors

Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen and dining areas can benefit greatly from polished concrete floors. With the heavy foot traffic in and out of the kitchen area, you need a floor that can take it. Polished concrete won’t lose its shine due to foot traffic and is durable enough to stand family gatherings without fail.


Your living room should be a place of gathering whether it’s a cozy day in with your sweetheart or the kids running around playing, polished concrete is up to the task. This popular flooring option is easily maintained and will keep its shine without the use of waxes.

polished concrete basement floor
Garage Floors

Garage Floors

Garages are great for polished concrete because of their effectiveness and high durability. These floors can be colored and give a great shine to show off any car you may have. Although polished concrete may look like it’s slippery, it actually has great traction, which is excellent for garage floors.

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Many benefits come with polished concrete floors. These floors are elegant and give a look of luxury, but they are strong and durable. Below are some of the great benefits of residential polished concrete floors:

Environmentally Friendly

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint and the impact your flooring can have on the environment, worry no more! Polished concrete is environmentally friendly and won’t leave you feeling guilty. Other floorings such as wood are ordered in bulk and can leave pieces that go to waste while polished concrete uses the exact amount needed to prevent waste. Not only is the exact amount of concrete measured and poured, preventing any waste, but if you decide to go a different route for flooring, the concrete can be recycled! Concrete is made from abundant natural resources and can be recycled and used as fillers for other concrete projects.

Environmentally Friendly
concrete floor polishing contractors

Improved Reflectivity

Polished concrete is a naturally reflective flooring that uses more natural light to light the room, eliminating the need for excessive lighting. This flooring improves ambient lighting, which can lower your energy bills. With polished concrete, you will maximize your lighting to turn other lights off and save money for years to come. Another great benefit to the effectiveness of this flooring is maintaining a safe environment because you will be able to see tripping hazards a lot easier.

Stain Resistance

Traditional concrete with no type of protective sealers is a very porous material that tends to absorb water and other liquids like a sponge, which can cause staining. The surface becomes dense and sealed with polished concrete, transforming what was once porous into a tight floor. These floors repel water, oil, and other spills rather than absorbing them. With these substances unable to penetrate the surface, it keeps your polished concrete clean and stain-free!

Stain Resistance
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Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Other flooring materials such as tile and wood can require a high maintenance schedule to keep them looking their best. With hardwood, there is constant purchasing of special cleaners and resealing. When you install a tile floor, you feel like you’re constantly scrubbing to keep it clean, and keeping the grout clean seems impossible. Polished concrete is a tight floor preventing stains and will never need special cleaners or wax to keep its shine.



Polished concrete is a cost-effective flooring from start to finish! It is more budget-friendly to install when compared to hardwood and tile, reducing initial costs right from the beginning. Its effectiveness allows for the reduced use of lighting, which can lower your energy bills, saving you money. Another perk of this money-saving floor is with such a low maintenance routine it eliminates the cost of special cleaners and waxes, saving even more money!

Polished Concrete Atlanta

Do It Yourself Or Hire A Professional

Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself

  • The extra money will be spent on proper tools and materials driving up the cost of your floor.
  • You run the risk of improper installation causing cracks or decreased durability
  • Polished concrete is time-consuming when you do it yourself compared to a professional
  • Projects that are done on your own offer no warranty or insurance increasing the risk

Hire A Professional

  • Installation can be done fast and easy with a professional team
  • Professionals are licensed, bonded, and insured and most often carry a warranty
  • Professionals have all the necessary equipment and materials without any extra cost
  • Your polished concrete is guaranteed to last with a beautiful shine and incredible durability.
Hiring a Professional

Hiring a Professional

A professional team will ensure that your polished concrete is appropriately installed and give your home a luxurious shine wherever it is installed. Professionals are licensed, bonded, and insured, guaranteeing a safe project environment. You can save yourself time and money by using a professional to install your polished concrete floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is A Polished Concrete Expected to Last?

The lifespan of these floors is what makes the trending among many homeowners. With proper maintenance, you can expect these floors to last you 2 decades or more. To ensure that these incredibly durable floors last the maximum lifespan, it is best to have them installed by a professional and keep up with the maintenance. If these two factors are met, you can guarantee that your polished concrete floors will last 20 years or longer.

Can You Personalize Your Polished Concrete Floors?

Polished concrete is a beautiful flooring on its own but has many options to make it unique to you. Color can be added to personalize your flooring and have it match your indoor decor. Other than colors, you can also add different patterns and designs, giving a genuinely personalized look. It is important to note that while these floors are cost-efficient and look amazing on their own, each decorative upgrade will increase the price, but polished concrete is an excellent investment in your home!

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