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Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage Floor Epoxy

garage floor epoxy Atlanta

Epoxy flooring is a beautiful and durable flooring that is built to last. There are many areas in which epoxy floors are beneficial, and one at the top of the list is garage floors. Garage floors offer versatility in their use, like protecting your car from the elements, being a haven for your prized car, or acting as a workshop. No matter the use of your garage, garage floor epoxy is a great flooring for your area. This stain-resistant flooring won’t ruin if there is a gasoline or oil spill. There are many different color options and designs to choose from, with epoxy flooring from a pearl-like luster to decorative flake epoxy with beautiful specks of your color choice. Garage floor epoxy comes in many different styles with great benefits!

Types of Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage Floor Coating

Garage floors can benefit greatly from epoxy floor coatings and come in many different styles. These floors are as beautiful as they are durable and offer many amazing benefits. Standard epoxy can give a high-gloss shine that can come in many different colors and patterns. Metallic epoxy flooring has a high shine, swirled design that can never be replicated, while decorative flake offers different colors and added slip-resistance.

Below are the different types of epoxy flooring that you can install for your garage floors!

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Standard Epoxy Flooring

Standard epoxy comes in many different colors and patterns to make for unique flooring. You can choose many different color and shape combinations with standard epoxy like geometric patterns to bring a personalized look to your flooring. These floors are incredibly durable and easily maintained.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is not only known for its many color options but its pearl-like swirled design. These floors are especially unique because once installed, and they can never be duplicated. Metallic epoxy floors can be made to mimic scenes of nature, such as running water or molten lava. These floors are beautiful and have all the same benefits as standard epoxy.

metallic epoxy garage floor
epoxy flake garage floor

Decorative Flake Epoxy

Decorative flake epoxy is common in areas that are used as workspaces because of its added slip-resistance due to the flakes it has in its design. You can choose the color of the main epoxy and the decorative flakes that are applied, giving a truly personal flooring. This flooring keeps all epoxy’s great benefits as well as added slip-resistance.

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There are many benefits to epoxy flooring, making it a great flooring option for your garage floor. Not only are these floors aesthetically pleasing, but why are durable and easily maintained as well. Below are only some of the great benefits of epoxy!

Complete Customization

One of the greatest and most noticeable benefits is the look of epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring offers a high-quality shine that will never need wax! There are many color options and patterns available. With metallic epoxy, there is a pearl-like shine that can never be duplicated. Metallic epoxy can also be used to mimic scenes of nature like water running or lava. Decorative flake epoxy even offers different color options that can make your space unique.

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Epoxy floors are extremely durable and can withstand the weight of heavy machineries such as car jacks or workshop equipment. These floors are impact resistant, which is important in a garage where tools are commonly dropped. These strong floors are resistant to even the toughest chemicals, including motor oil and gasoline, without leaving even a trace of a stain! A secure bond allows the epoxy to withstand 10,000 pounds per square inch!


Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective flooring that will exceed all expectations! Compared to other materials, epoxy floors come out on top for being durable as well as budget-friendly. If imperfections are found, epoxy is still affordable in its repair costs. Having a professional install your epoxy flooring guarantees longevity. It is a true investment with this cost-effective flooring option.

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Easy Maintenance

Epoxy flooring makes for a great flooring option for your garage floors because of its easy maintenance. Epoxy has a seamless design that allows for dust and dirt to be repelled instead of hiding in cracks and crevices. A simple dust mop or broom is all it takes to keep your floors clean, and waxes will never be needed to keep its shine. It even prevents bacteria and germs from forming, creating a sanitary floor.

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Even though epoxy floors are made from chemicals, it is considered an eco-friendly flooring because it requires only a few components and doesn’t need to be constantly replaced. The environment benefits from the reduction of materials and machinery used. Epoxy flooring lasts for many years, so the amount of chemicals used is not often compared to replacing other floors.

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Do It Yourself

  • Most epoxy kits from the store are 50% water, while a professional uses 100% solids.
  • The cost may seem cheaper, but it is a situation that you get what you pay for!
  • Most people don’t own the machinery to properly prepare the surface for epoxy, negatively affecting the bond.
  • You won’t be able to achieve your desired look as options are limited with store kits. Because of the lack of preparation, you can expect your garage floor to only last a couple of years.
professional garage floor epoxy

Professional Installation

  • Professionals possess all the necessary equipment, such as diamond grinders to ensure proper adherence to the epoxy floor.
  • There are many different color and design options to choose from when you decide to hire a professional.
  • The cost will be a bit more, but it is guaranteed to be done correctly and is a real investment in your home.
  • Because the prep work is done to the underlying concrete, a durable bond is achieved, giving you an incredibly strong floor.
epoxy garage floor coating

The Importance of A Professional

Choosing a professional is essential to ensure that you get the most durable flooring for your money. You have many different options when choosing a professional ranging from solid colors to pearl-like finishes. Our professional team has all the equipment needed to properly prep your concrete to ensure your garage floor epoxy is durable from the start. Hiring an expert is the best way to guarantee that your epoxy floor will last!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is the Installation Process?

The total time it takes for installation is around 5-8 hours, but it is spread out over two days to account for drying and curing times. You may be excited and want an instant garage floor installed and ready for use, but it is better to be patient. We allow time for proper prep work to be done to guarantee a superior bond and then mix and apply the epoxy. Topcoat sealers are added to give extra protection, and then the flooring has to cure. It usually takes around two days, especially for garages, to fully cure and have your garage floor safe for cars.

Why Not Acid Wash the Concrete for Preparation?

Acid washing etches the top layer of the cement, exposing more sands and creating a rougher surface. Acid washing can also remove stains, but it is not used by professionals. For epoxy coatings to adhere to the surface properly, a specific texture profile must be achieved. It cannot be done by acid washing. Acid washing is not an approved method by the International Concrete Repair Institute. If it does not correctly neutralize, it can actually damage your concrete. Professionals prefer the grinding process to ensure the rough surface needed is achieved for a superior bond.

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